Job Openings for Operator SVP in Dahej Gujarat SEZ

Job Openings for Operator SVP in Dahej Gujarat SEZ

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Job Openings for Operator SVP in Dahej Gujarat SEZ


In the vibrant landscape of Dahej Gujarat SEZ, an exciting career opportunity awaits skilled professionals in the role of Operator SVP. This blog post sheds light on the critical aspects of the job opening, providing a comprehensive overview of the expectations, responsibilities, and the competitive compensation offered.

Key Requirements for Aspiring Candidates

1. Calibration and Equipment Expertise

The ideal candidate must actively participate in the calibration of instruments and equipment. A keen eye for precision and accuracy in this calibration process is crucial for maintaining optimal operational standards.

2. Validation Mastery

Candidates are expected to possess expertise in the validation of vessels and machineries, including but not limited to Autoclave, Ampoule/Vial Washing Machine, Dehydrogenation Tunnel, and Ampoule/Vial Filling Machine. Successful validation of these components ensures the seamless functioning of the production process.

3. Media Fill and Area Validation

Active participation in media fill and area validation is a key requirement. This ensures that the sterile conditions necessary for pharmaceutical production are met, adhering to the highest industry standards.

4. Software Proficiency

Candidates should be adept at handling Caliber QAMS, DMS, Nichelon 5 CMS, Dynamic, and other software relevant to their work. Mastery of these tools is essential for efficient and streamlined operations.

5. GMP Compliance

The responsibility extends to online documentation, including Batch Manufacturing Records (BMR) and Log books, ensuring compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) at all levels within the Injectable plant.

6. Equipment Handling and Maintenance

Operators must take charge of the handling and maintenance of critical equipment such as Autoclave, Ampoule/Vial Washing Machine, and Dehydrogenation Tunnel, ensuring their reliability and longevity.

7. Validation Participation

Active involvement in Process validation, cleaning validation, and equipment validation is a prerequisite. This ensures that every aspect of the production process is rigorously tested and validated for efficiency.

8. Cleaning and Sanitation

Operators are responsible for the pre and post-cleaning and sanitation of machine parts, adhering to validated load patterns that include garment load, machine parts load, disinfectant load, and miscellaneous, ensuring a sterile working environment.

9. Filter Integrity Assurance

Participation in all types of filter integrity tests, as per Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), is vital to guarantee the integrity of the production process.

10. Reliever Responsibilities

In the absence of a reliever, operators are expected to seamlessly take on the responsibilities of their absent colleague, ensuring continuity in operations.

11. Miscellaneous Duties

Operators are responsible for any work allotted by the department head, showcasing versatility and adaptability in their roles.

12. Aseptic Area Movement

Responsible for the movement of materials and equipment in aseptic areas as per SOP, ensuring a controlled and regulated flow of resources.


This job opening for Operator SVP in Dahej Gujarat SEZ offers a unique chance for individuals with a passion for precision and excellence to thrive in a dynamic pharmaceutical environment. The comprehensive responsibilities and competitive compensation make this opportunity a standout choice for those seeking a rewarding career in the industry.

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