Exploring Lucrative Career Opportunities at Amara Raja Group!

Exploring Lucrative Career Opportunities at Amara Raja Group!

Exploring Lucrative Career Opportunities at Amara Raja Group!

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Are you looking to step into an enriching career with a renowned conglomerate? Look no further as the Amara Raja Group invites talented individuals to join its diverse workforce. With an array of job openings spanning various experience levels and locations across India, this is your chance to embark on a rewarding professional journey.

About Amara Raja Group

The Amara Raja Group is a prominent name in the industry, known for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Comprising multiple business verticals, the group has consistently set benchmarks in various sectors, including automotive batteries, power systems, electronics, and more. This conglomerate is not just a workplace; it's a platform for individuals to thrive and unleash their potential.

Available Positions

Here are the exciting job openings currently available at the Amara Raja Group:

  1. Deputy Engineer Tool Design
  2. Asst. Engineer - Production
  3. Design Engineer
  4. Engineer - NPI (SMT)
  5. Engineer - Program Management
  6. Production Engineer
  7. Purchase Engineer
  8. Assistant Engineer – Quality
  9. Asst. Engineer - Maintenance
  10. Service Engineer
  11. Assistant Engineer - Formation
  12. Engineer - Product Development
  13. Deputy Engineer Lab
  14. Marketing Executive
  15. Asst. Engineer
  16. Asst. Engineer Quality Fabrication
  17. Assistant Engineer - QMS

Who Should Apply?

Whether you're a fresher ready to kickstart your career or an experienced professional looking for a new challenge, Amara Raja Group welcomes you! With positions spanning diverse specializations and experience levels from 0 to 7 years, there's an opportunity tailored just for you.

Locations and Compensation

These openings are available across various locations, including Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata, and Punjab. The salary range for these positions is highly competitive, ranging from 3.8 to 19 LPA (Lakhs Per Annum), ensuring your skills are duly recognized and rewarded.

How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply for these positions by visiting the Amara Raja Group's official website or through the provided channels for each specific role. Showcase your skills, passion, and enthusiasm to contribute to a dynamic and innovative work environment.

Seize this incredible opportunity to be a part of the Amara Raja Group, where your career aspirations meet a platform for growth and excellence. Apply now and embark on a fulfilling journey in one of India's leading conglomerates!

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