A Foxconn Technology Group Company

A Foxconn Technology Group Company

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Resolute in our values and committed to reinvent workplace dynamics, we are looking at people who will help us redefine traditional organization structures. Here, you would be working with some of the brightest minds on ground breaking projects with leading global brands. Know more about our requirements

Creating an inclusive environment infused with creativity and work-life balance is our motto. Coming from diverse backgrounds, life at Bharat FIH is all about collaborative effort that enhances learning and enterprise. Together, we build products that transcend customer expectations every time.


Bharat FIH

Bharat FIH, a subsidiary of FIH Mobile Ltd, a Foxconn Technology Group Company, is India’s leader in manufacturing and services of handset and wireless communications. We have been part of the Indian growth story since 2015, leading an unparalleled manufacturing revolution. Currently, Bharat FIH is one of the largest Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) in the country serving local and international brands.



Formerly known as Rising stars Mobile India, we entered and established our presence in India in 2015 at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh.

By 2017, we had expanded our capacity to Sungavarchatram and Sriperumbudur near Chennai, India, with additional capabilities.  

Today, we are one of the largest manufacturing units in the region with over 25,000 employees, of which 85% are women.

Work Culture that transcends gender barriers

We believe that women have an unexplored potential and are the driving economic factors of any region. Empowering women has always been our goal. With over 85% of our 25,000+ employees being women, we have revolutionized the work culture and standards in the manufacturing arena. 100% of our shop floor personnel are women, who are given intensive training and manage the entire production line.

Today the women in our organization are bringing in extraordinary changes in terms of innovation, technology and breaking stereotypes. Walk in to our factories to see a women supervisor, confidently teaching her peers about product assembly or PDCA Testing. See our shop floor filled with women leading revolution in real-time. Yes, the change is here and the change is here for the good.



A company is defined by the core values it adopts at the heart of doing business. At Bharat FIH, our core values are our foundation to success. We are deeply committed to our core values and it governs every decision made to reach the goals of the business. Our values help boost employee motivation and create a purpose and meaning at work. Across the various levels of management, our values have permeated in all aspects of business to enable a positive work environment.

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