Jumpstart Your Career at L&T Technology Services' Mega Open Walk-in Drive in Jamnagar - April 13, 2024

Jumpstart Your Career at L&T Technology Services' Mega Open Walk-in Drive in Jamnagar - April 13, 2024


Jumpstart Your Career at L&T Technology Services' Mega Open Walk-in Drive in Jamnagar


Are you ready for a new chapter in your career? L&T Technology Services (LTTS) is hosting a mega open walk-in drive in Jamnagar, Gujarat, and this is your chance to take your career to the next level. Whether you’re an engineering expert or a document management whiz, LTTS has opportunities for you to grow and make a real impact. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this exciting event.

L&T Technology Services

LTTS is a global leader in engineering and technology services, known for its commitment to innovation and quality. The company offers a wide range of services across multiple industries, including aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and healthcare. Joining LTTS means being part of a dynamic team that's constantly pushing the boundaries of technology.

Mega Open Walk-in Drive Details

Mark your calendar! The mega open walk-in drive is happening on Saturday, April 13, 2024, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The event will be held at Hotel Express Residency on Jamnagar - Dwarka Highway in Motikhavdi, Jamnagar. This is your chance to meet the LTTS team and learn more about the exciting career opportunities available.

Why Work at L&T Technology Services

Working at LTTS is not just about a paycheck; it's about being part of a forward-thinking, collaborative team that values creativity and hard work. You'll have the chance to work on cutting-edge projects, receive ongoing training and development, and advance your career in a supportive environment. Plus, LTTS is known for its competitive compensation packages and employee benefits.

Skyrocketing Your Career Growth

If you're looking to accelerate your career trajectory, LTTS is the place to be. The company invests in its employees' growth through mentorship programs, workshops, and opportunities for advancement. Your professional development will be front and center as you take on challenging projects and make meaningful contributions to the team.

Roles Available

The open walk-in drive features exciting job openings in different areas. Let’s dive into the details of each role and what you can expect.

Engineering Document Controller

As an engineering document controller, you will be responsible for managing, organizing, and maintaining technical documents for engineering projects. This includes ensuring that all documents are up to date, accessible, and properly archived. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail are key in this role.

Document Process Controller

In this role, you will focus on overseeing the entire document process, from creation to archiving. This includes ensuring that all documents comply with company standards and industry regulations. You'll need excellent communication and analytical skills to succeed in this position.

Information Management Coordinator

As an information management coordinator, you'll handle the strategic planning and implementation of information management systems. Your role will involve overseeing the organization and storage of data, as well as ensuring that information is easily accessible to team members when needed. Strong leadership and problem-solving abilities are essential for this role.

Preparing for the Walk-in Drive

Before attending the open walk-in drive, it's essential to be prepared. Start by updating your resume to reflect your latest experiences and achievements. Tailor it to highlight the skills and qualifications that align with the job openings at LTTS. Additionally, review your portfolio or work samples to showcase your capabilities.

Tips for a Successful Interview

To make a great impression at the walk-in drive, keep these tips in mind:

  • Research LTTS: Familiarize yourself with the company’s values, culture, and recent projects to demonstrate your genuine interest.
  • Dress professionally: Opt for business casual or business professional attire to present yourself in the best light.
  • Bring multiple copies of your resume: Be ready to hand out your resume to multiple interviewers or LTTS representatives.
  • Ask thoughtful questions: Show your enthusiasm for the position and company by asking insightful questions during your interviews.

Reasons to Attend the Walk-in Drive

Attending the open walk-in drive provides numerous benefits:

  • Immediate feedback: You can receive immediate feedback from recruiters and interviewers, helping you gauge your performance and areas for improvement.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with other job seekers and industry professionals, building valuable relationships that could benefit your career.
  • Insight into company culture: Observe and interact with LTTS employees to gain a better understanding of the company culture and work environment.

Dress Code and Appearance

First impressions count, so make sure your appearance aligns with professional standards. Business casual attire is recommended, but you can go one step further by dressing in business professional clothing if you prefer. Keep accessories minimal and grooming neat.

Additional Information

  • References: Bringing professional references can provide LTTS with insight into your work ethic and character.
  • Travel arrangements: Plan your trip in advance to ensure you arrive on time.
  • Parking and logistics: Familiarize yourself with parking options and any logistics for the venue to avoid last-minute stress.

Venue Information

The open walk-in drive will take place at Hotel Express Residency, located on the Jamnagar - Dwarka Highway in Motikhavdi, Jamnagar. Make sure to plan your route and arrive on time to maximize your opportunity to meet with the LTTS team.


The L&T Technology Services mega open walk-in drive in Jamnagar is your golden ticket to a brighter future in the tech industry. This event offers a unique opportunity to showcase your skills and experience while connecting with industry leaders. Whether you're aiming for a role as an engineering document controller, document process controller, or information management coordinator, LTTS is ready to welcome you into their team of innovative professionals. Make sure to mark your calendar and prepare to leave a lasting impression!

Interested candidate do apply now from given Mail Id: [email protected]


  1. What should I bring to the open walk-in drive?
    • Bring multiple copies of your updated resume, any work samples relevant to the job you're interested in, and a list of professional references.
  2. Do I need to register for the event in advance?
    • No, you can attend the event without prior registration. Simply show up at the venue between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.
  3. What kind of questions should I expect during the interviews?
    • Interviewers may ask about your experience, technical skills, and how you handle various work scenarios. They may also inquire about your knowledge of the industry and your interest in the specific role.
  4. Can I apply for more than one role at the event?
    • Yes, you can express interest in multiple roles and discuss your qualifications for each during the event.
  5. Is there any parking available at the venue?
    • Yes, there should be parking options available at or near the venue. Make sure to arrive early to secure a spot.


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