Unlocking Career Opportunities in the various Positions

Unlocking Career Opportunities in the various Positions

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Unlocking Career Opportunities in the various Positions


In the dynamic landscape of the chemical industry, career opportunities abound for talented individuals seeking growth and fulfillment. In this article, we delve into enticing positions that offer a gateway to professional excellence. If you're ready to embark on a challenging yet rewarding journey, look no further – we've curated a list of roles that not only promise growth but also acknowledge expertise through competitive Compensation Packages (CTC).

Asst. Manager - HR: Nurturing Human Resources in Ahmedabad

Exploring the Chemical Manufacturing Realm

Are you an HR professional with a fervor for the chemical manufacturing industry? The Asst. Manager - HR position in Ahmedabad beckons, targeting individuals with an MBA/MSW/MLW/PGDIRPM qualification and 8 to 10 years of experience. As a pivotal figure in maintaining a positive work environment, you play a crucial role in managing human resources effectively. The Compensation Package (CTC) for this role ranges from 7 to 9 Lakhs, highlighting the significance of your contributions.

Process Engineer: Elevate Your Career with Educational Excellence

The Essence of Educational Excellence

Passionate about process engineering? The Executive/AM/Manager – Process Engineering position awaits individuals with a BE/ME Chemical degree. Here, educational excellence forms the cornerstone, seeking professionals with a robust foundation in chemical engineering. The promise of a competitive Compensation Package (CTC) underscores the commitment to recognizing and rewarding your expertise.

Safety Officer: Ensuring Safety First in Ahmedabad

Advocating for Safety in the Chemical Industry

For safety-focused professionals in the chemical industry, the Safety Officer position in Ahmedabad is an ideal fit. Holding a B.E. or Diploma in Chemical/M.Sc. Chemistry, along with a PDIS qualification, and possessing 6 to 8 years of experience, especially in the HSE department, defines the profile we seek. As a Safety Officer, your primary responsibility is to ensure a secure working environment, reflected in a Compensation Package (CTC) ranging from 6 to 8 Lakhs.

ETP Officer: Shaping Environmental Sustainability

Dedication to Environmental Science

Dedicated to environmental science? The Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) Officer opportunity in our Dahej SEZ unit awaits your expertise. With a B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Environment and a PDIS qualification, this role emphasizes your pivotal contribution to environmental sustainability. The Compensation Package (CTC) for this position ranges from 5 to 6 Lakhs, reflecting the commitment to upholding environmental values.

Shift Incharge Production: Steering Production Excellence

Navigating Production Operations

If you boast a background in chemical engineering and a passion for overseeing production, our Shift Incharge position in Dahej is tailored for you. Seeking candidates with a BE/Diploma in Chemical and 5-6 years of experience in the Hydrogenation Process, this role ensures smooth production operations. The Compensation Package (CTC) is set at 5 to 6 Lakhs, acknowledging the pivotal role you play in our production processes.

Plant Operator- Production: Driving Efficiency

Adept Plant Operators Welcome

Are you an adept Plant Operator with experience in the Hydrogenation Process? Our Plant Operator position in Dahej is open for professionals with an ITI AOCP qualification and 5 to 10 years of experience in chemical manufacturing. As a Plant Operator, your expertise in the Hydrogenation Process, coupled with an ITI AOCP qualification, is highly valued. The Compensation Package (CTC) for this position is 4 to 5 Lakhs, recognizing the crucial role you play in our production processes.

Machine Operator: Precision in Paper Adhesive Allied Industry

Precision in Paper Adhesive Allied Industry

For those experienced in the paper adhesive allied industry, our Machine Operator position beckons. Qualifications for this role include ITI certification and mandatory knowledge of 5s. Your experience in the paper adhesive allied industry is crucial, making you an essential addition to our team.

Conclusion: Your Path to Success in the Chemical Industry

In conclusion, these career opportunities in the chemical industry pave the way for professional growth and fulfillment. If you're seeking a challenging yet rewarding career in a dynamic environment, we invite you to apply. Our competitive Compensation Packages (CTC) reflect our commitment to recognizing and rewarding the expertise and dedication of our team members.


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