Nyati Group Job Vacancy at Udaipur Airport Project | Exciting Opportunities for Engineers, Managers & Operators

Nyati Group Job Vacancy at Udaipur Airport Project | Exciting Opportunities for Engineers, Managers & Operators

About Nyati Group

At Nyati Group, we embody the principles of integrity and aesthetics in constructing futuristic landmarks. Placing customers at the core of our endeavors, each Nyati project is meticulously conceptualized to meet the aspirations of the discerning buyer. Our commitment is reflected in the creation of highly functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces that evoke pride among our customers. Operating across Real Estate, EPC, Hospitality, and Healthcare sectors, Nyati Group aims to achieve milestones in every field, continually exploring new horizons of growth.

Nyati Group Job Vacancy at Udaipur Airport Project | Exciting Opportunities for Engineers, Managers & Operators

Open Positions at Nyati Group

1. Project Manager

Responsible for overseeing the entire Udaipur Airport Project, ensuring successful completion within specified timelines.

2. Project Engineer

Play a crucial role in project execution, coordinating with various teams to ensure seamless progress.

3. Senior Engineer

Bring extensive expertise to the project, providing leadership and technical guidance to the engineering team.

4. Junior Engineer

Work closely with senior staff, gaining valuable experience and contributing to the project's success.

5. Supervisor / Foreman

Supervise and manage on-site activities, ensuring adherence to safety and quality standards.

6. Surveyor Assistant

Assist in surveying tasks, supporting accurate data collection for project planning and execution.

7. Electrical Manager

Oversee electrical aspects of the project, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

8. Senior Electrical Engineer

Bring specialized electrical engineering skills to the project, contributing to its successful implementation.

9. Plant Supervisor

Manage and optimize plant operations, ensuring efficiency and adherence to project requirements.

10. Weigh Bridge Operator

Handle weigh bridge operations, ensuring accurate measurements and data recording.

11. Safety Officer

Enforce safety protocols on-site, fostering a secure working environment for all project personnel.

12. Safety Supervisor

Supervise safety measures, conduct regular inspections, and ensure adherence to safety guidelines.

13. Contractor Billing Engineer

Manage billing processes, liaising with contractors to ensure accurate and timely payments.

14. Estimation & Billing Engineer

Play a vital role in estimating project costs and managing billing processes for financial transparency.

15. Planning Engineer

Contribute to project planning, ensuring efficient resource allocation and project scheduling.

16. T.M Mechanic

Bring mechanical expertise to the project, maintaining and troubleshooting equipment as needed.

17. IT / ELV Engineer

Oversee IT and ELV systems, ensuring seamless integration and functionality within the project.

Udaipur Airport Project Walk-In Interview Details

  • Date: 26th February 2024
  • Time: 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM
  • Venue: 5th, Nyati Unitree, Nagar Road, Blue Hill Society, Yerawada, Pune, Maharashtra 411006

Interested candidates can register and attend the walk-in interview by following the link: Register Now

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