Matangi Industries LLP Hiring for various Position

Matangi Industries LLP Hiring for various Position

Matangi Industries LLP Hiring for various Position

Are you searching for a dynamic, career-defining opportunity in Ahmedabad, Gujarat? Look no further than Matangi Industries LLP! With a robust array of openings across various departments, Matangi Industries LLP stands as a beacon of growth, innovation, and professional advancement in the vibrant industrial landscape of Vatva, Ahmedabad.

Asst. Manager-Competency Building and Employer Branding

The role of an Assistant Manager at Matangi Industries LLP goes beyond conventional boundaries. As the torchbearer of competency building and employer branding, you'll spearhead initiatives that shape the company's ethos and foster a compelling work environment. Your strategic vision will drive talent acquisition, employee engagement, and skill enhancement programs, contributing significantly to the company's growth trajectory.

Junior Executive – Business Operations & Excellence

Joining as a Junior Executive in Business Operations & Excellence propels your career towards holistic organizational development. This role empowers you to optimize operational workflows, streamline processes, and uphold excellence across diverse business facets, ensuring the company's operational efficiency and growth sustainability.

Executive – SAP

Embrace the opportunity to thrive as an Executive in SAP at Matangi Industries LLP. You'll delve into cutting-edge SAP solutions, implementing and optimizing systems to enhance operational efficiency, streamline business processes, and contribute to the company's technological advancement.

Executive – Maintenance/Project/Utilities

The role of an Executive in Maintenance, Project, or Utilities is a cornerstone in ensuring seamless operations. You'll play a pivotal role in project management, maintenance strategies, and utility optimization, thus fortifying the backbone of the company's production and infrastructure.

Executive Sales & Business Development

Embark on a journey as an Executive in Sales & Business Development at Matangi Industries LLP. This role presents an opportunity to drive sales strategies, cultivate key partnerships, and expand the company's market presence, making significant contributions to its bottom line and sustained growth.

Executive – PPC

For those passionate about digital marketing, the role of Executive in PPC promises an exciting terrain. Dive into the world of Pay-Per-Click advertising, devising strategic campaigns, optimizing ads, and maximizing ROI, thereby elevating the company's digital footprint.

Executive Purchase

As an Executive in Purchase, your role is pivotal in the procurement landscape. You'll manage supply chains, foster vendor relationships, and optimize purchasing processes, ensuring seamless operations and cost-effectiveness for the organization.

Process Engineer

Join Matangi Industries LLP as a Process Engineer and be at the forefront of innovation. Your responsibilities span process optimization, efficiency enhancement, and continuous improvement, playing a crucial role in the company's ongoing evolution.

R&D Chemist

Be a catalyst for innovation as an R&D Chemist at Matangi Industries LLP. Your expertise will drive research initiatives, product development, and quality assurance, contributing to the company's pioneering advancements in chemical sciences.

Executive HR & Admin

The role of an Executive in HR & Administration encompasses the nurturing of a productive work environment. You'll spearhead HR initiatives, manage administrative functions, and ensure compliance, thus fostering an atmosphere of growth and efficiency.

DCS Supervisor

Become a DCS Supervisor at Matangi Industries LLP, overseeing operational controls and ensuring plant safety. Your role is crucial in maintaining operational standards, safety protocols, and ensuring smooth plant operations.

Unit Head (Sayakha)

As a Unit Head in Sayakha, you'll be entrusted with the leadership of a crucial operational unit. Your responsibilities encompass strategic planning, team management, and ensuring optimal production, contributing significantly to the company's success.

Lead Talent Acquisition

Join as a Lead in Talent Acquisition and champion the acquisition of exceptional talent. Your role involves designing recruitment strategies, attracting top-tier talent, and ensuring a robust workforce aligned with the company's goals.

Process Manager

The position of a Process Manager entails steering the direction of operational efficiency. You'll strategize, implement, and monitor processes, ensuring seamless operations and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Manager HR & Admin

As a Manager in HR & Administration, your role extends to strategic leadership. You'll oversee HR policies, administrative functions, and organizational development, playing a pivotal role in shaping the company's work culture and growth.

Shift Incharge – Performance Chemicals

The role of Shift Incharge in Performance Chemicals is instrumental in maintaining product quality and process efficiency. You'll oversee shift operations, ensuring adherence to quality standards and optimizing performance.

Joining Matangi Industries LLP isn't merely about employment; it's an invitation to a vibrant ecosystem of growth, innovation, and professional fulfillment. These diverse roles offer a gateway to a thriving career in one of the most dynamic industries in Ahmedabad.

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