PI Industries Walk-in Interview

PI Industries Walk-in Interview

 Inspired by science

  • Evolution has been the law of nature ever since, and science has furthered the cause for the betterment of mankind. From developing technology, to researches on the air we breathe and the soil we grow on, science has pervaded into our lives in manifolds.
  • Fuelled with a desire to go beyond and constantly striving to achieve the best that science has to offer to the Agri industry, PI has successfully launched several products that have met with considerable market success.
  • Our researchers at PI take cues from minute observations, to think through and develop new solutions.
  • Establishing a dedicated research and innovation lab is a milestone and a step closer to reaching our goal and vision.
  • Applied Science has the power to revolutionize the lives of millions of farmers across the globe and PI shall continue to direct it’s energies to conceive and generate ideas and technologies for the advancement of agriculture.
  • "Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits," Thomas Edison said once. At PI we endeavor to hustle and add to the world of agriculture, as we put to use science and discover new dimensions to agriculture. At PI, we are driven by Passion and ignited by Imagination. We believe, the opportunities are endless and we shall continue to explore.

Our Culture

  • We have a bias for action.
  • Our people are encouraged to be decisive, nimble and agile in addressing customers’ issues and leveraging opportunities for growth.


  • Our people advance and are rewarded based on their proven talent, skill and achievements.

Supportive and Collaborative

  • We work synergistically across teams and locations to delight our customers and solve business problems.
  • We provide an inclusive environment which energises our people, releases their creativity and makes working together both productive and joyful.


  • With an unremitting and intense focus on results, we seek innovative ways to achieve aspirational business goals.
  • Benchmarking ourselves to world-class, we provide our people with the infrastructure and the tools they need to strive for best-in-class performance across businesses and functions.

Our Engagement Model is based on the following Principles

  • A sense of shared purpose and direction
    A shared vision, clear direction and aspirational goals enthuse employees and contribute towards creating an engaged workforce.
  • Engaged employees deliver superior customer experience and expend discretionary effort to achieve business goals
    We believe that a highly engaged workforce is critical to the delivery of superior customer experience. Engaged and committed employees go beyond the call of duty to deliver business results.
  • Employee engagement is underpinned by open, honest communication and feedback
    Engaged employees care about the organization and give honest feedback which can help improve performance.
  • Celebrating successes - small and large
    Celebrating successes, however small is a great way to strengthen relationships and adds an enjoyable social dimension to work. We believe this keeps our employees motivated to perform.

Career Philosophy

  • Our career vision is to offer customized careers to our high performing employees, which align with their aspirations over time.
  • Fast track for the high potentials.
  • Strong learning and development opportunities
    • Learning inputs at each stage of career transition.
    • Focused leadership development programs.
  • Generalist and Specialist Careers.
  • Our career vision is to offer customized careers to our high performing employees, which align with their aspirations over time.

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