Deepak Chem Tech Limited Hiring| Degree|Electrical|Mechanical|Civil Engineer

Deepak Chem Tech Limited Hiring| Degree|Electrical|Mechanical|Civil Engineer


Deepak Chem Tech Limited is a 2 years 7 months old Public Limited Indian Non-Government Company incorporated on 09 Oct 2020. Its registered office is in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.
The Corporate is engaged in the business of manufacturers, ammonia, nickel, nitric acid, agricultural chemicals, dealers, retailers, calcium nitrite and nitrate, lead, exporters, sodium nitrate, lithium, factors, chemical products, mercury, and agricultural chemical compounds, tin, distributors, gold, agents, other nitrites and nitrates of copper, wholesalers, zinc, formulators, importers, ammonia and all other elements, inventors, arsenic, stockists, inorganic and organic chemicals and their derivatives, converters, nitrous acid, merchants and financiers of sodium nitrite, processors, silver, fertilizers and thereon.
The Company's status is Active, and it has filed its Annual Returns and Financial Statements up to 31 Mar 2022 (FY 2021-2022). It's a company limited by shares having an authorized capital of Rs 500.00 cr and a paid-up capital of Rs 9.50 cr as per MCA.
7 Directors are associated with the organization. Sandeshkumar Jagannath Anand, Deepak Chimanlal Mehta, Prakash Dinkar Samudra and 4 other members are presently associated as directors.

Beware of Fraudulent Job Offers: Deepak Group is committed to sound and ethical legal business practices. We follow a transparent, formal and well-laid-down recruitment process. We do not demand any money from job seekers for service charges, processing fees, background verification and security deposit. Potential jobseekers are hereby cautioned not to deal with unscrupulous individuals and recruitment agencies which lure the candidates with fake job opportunities and offer letters. Any e-mail, offering a job, interview date and asking personal details should be dealt with caution, especially if copied to e-mail ids ending with Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/Live etc. Deepak Group is not responsible for any loss, liability, claims or damages arising out of dealings, monetary or otherwise with the aforesaid persons. Aspirants involving in such act shall be solely responsible at their own risk and costs. If you come across any such fraudulent representations, please inform to us at [email protected] and lodge formal complaint against the fraudulent in appropriate forum. We reserve our right to initiate any appropriate actions as we deem fit.
Interested  candidates are advised to visit official site for more information apply to relevant post only: Apply Now

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