Large Openings in Essar

Large Openings in Essar


Plot your career graphs, your aspirations and expectations with us.

A quick look at what Essar as an employer has to offer you

In the spirit of give and take at Essar, we bring you the opportunity to work in a multinational business environment, where you can showcase your talents, learn and grow, while facing challenges and developing your skills.

While we assist you at every step with top-of-the-market compensation, retention bonuses and relevant training inputs, we also give you the freedom to plot your own career graph on the basis of your aspirations and expectations. We offer a multinational, diverse business environment to showcase your talents and learn from the exposure.

Public notice: False and fraudulent representations by miscreants for securing employment with Essar companies.

Do you wish to know what it takes to be an Essarite? Read on to know more

As a potential Essarite, you will have intelligence, creativity and diligence ingrained in your DNA. An ability to think (and land) on your feet, the vision to identify problems and spot the opportunities they present, and the drive to change the world for the better, are other essential qualities. You will wear many hats, and switch between them with ease.

Essar is a large conglomerate with a number of diverse businesses, for which we require people with skill sets and experience to match. Specifics such as educational qualification and experience will be linked to the job you are applying for and the business under which it falls.

The six guiding principles listed below will give you a comprehensive picture of the qualities we look for in a potential Essarite:

An Essarite is a Trailblazer

You must have the ability to formulate new ideas, spot opportunities for value creation, and be willing to take calculated risks to achieve business goals. You can handle ambiguity and have the propensity to find ingenious solutions to problems.

An Essarite is a Manager

You will have, in spades, the ability to plan, organise and successfully execute assignments involving complex situations. You will have the capacity to understand the larger picture without losing sight of the smaller details. You must have the ability to reach your milestones, while managing time and material within approved budgets.

An Essarite is an Innovator

You will have an in-depth understanding of operations and a continuous desire to improve. You will be cost-conscious and meticulous in your approach, and will continuously seek to increase efficiencies.

An Essarite is a Negotiator

You will possess the ability to leverage interpersonal relationships in the best interest of your work, and have an eagle eye for the upper-hand in business transactions. With your exhaustive understanding of the business environment, you will easily build a rapport with internal and external customers. You are a team player to the core, and appreciate working relationships.

An Essarite is a Communicator

You have the unerring ability to look at everyday tasks from a service perspective. You will invest in building strong relationships, be a firm believer in customer advocacy and continuously work on enhancing products and services to meet customers’ needs.

An Essarite is a Leader

You will be both a student and a mentor. You will be facilitative, encouraging, caring and knowledgeable. You will put in time and effort to learn about the various aspects of your work and business, and coach and inspire people to do the same.

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The Essar Group deploys a variety of Cadre-Building programs as part of its Strategic Manpower Planning imperatives. These programs have been set up with the aim of catering to identified business needs. These programs are designed to meet general management requirements, as well as specific skill set mandated by business imperatives:

Executive Leadership Programme (ELP)

Essar’s Executive Leadership Programme lays the perfect foundation for a fast track career growth. ELP candidates are experienced professionals from premier B-schools, who are handpicked after a rigorous process which evaluates their propensity to face challenges head-on. The programme fosters an accelerated learning environment through challenging assignments in the domains of Commercial, Operations, Business Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance and Communications across Essar’s businesses, both in India and overseas. Under the direct mentorship of Essar’s Promoter Directors and CXOs, ELPs are assigned projects having strategic business impact. ELPs are given an opportunity to hone their skills through training and mentorship programmes in a highly interactive setting.

Global Leadership Program (GLP)

The GLP is designed for post graduates recruited from premier international B-Schools. It is based on innovative and experiential learning pedagogy. The program offers exciting opportunities to interact with some of the finest minds – in business and technology –and experience the richness of the ethnic and talent diversity that comprises Essar. The 6 month program provides them an opportunity to participate in the growth story of an Indian multinational and exposure to emerging markets.

Business Leadership Program (BLP)

Essar’s Business Leadership Program is a nine month fast track learning program for management students from premier Indian B-schools. The program grooms young management graduates through coaching, mentoring and making learning opportunities available to them at an early stage. The BLP participants are a Group resource with specializations in a range of functions spanning marketing, finance, human resources, supply chain and operations. Many of our BLPs are currently handling critical assignments in leadership positions across the Group.


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