Project Pvt Ltd Hiring|BE BTech| Electrical|Mechanical|Civil Engineers

Project Pvt Ltd Hiring|BE BTech| Electrical|Mechanical|Civil Engineers

ISC Projects is one of the leading infrastructure company with more than five decades of rich and varied experience in the Indian infrastructural landscape. ISC's growth has been driven by its vision to provide industry leading and innovative solutions to deliver complex projects on time, while upholding a prudent fiscal model.

Since its inception ISC Projects has diversified its portfolio which is directly in step with India's growth. ISC Projects now engages in Railways Track Work, Major/Minor Bridges, Private Railway Sidings, Flyovers, Roads and Highways, Real Estate Development, Mobile Flash Butt Welding, Consultancy and Renewable Energy.
The company is driven to deliver projects on time using world-class management techniques and has uncompromising standards of safety and sustainability.

Quality Certificate -

The company has been certified under ISO – 9001 and specializes in counselling design and construction of major/minor bridges, earthwork, railway sidings, railway tracks, flyovers, roads and highways, industrial and residential complexes, and other infrastructure development activities.

Vision -
To provide industry-leading and innovative solutions to deliver multifaceted projects while maintaining a far-sighted and prudential fiscal model.

Mission -
To execute projects with a reliable quality undertaking, cost control all the while maintaining our set timelines in a safe on-site environment. To further diversify and become a prominent player across all infrastructural verticals.


There is no definition for a good career path. The Voyage at ISC Projects is made more diverse and Gratifying by offering more opportunities to help create a bright future.

Our team is a creative mixture of adolescence, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced staff. Opportunities don`t happen, we create them. Our focus on Diversity and Inclusiveness is an essential part of our productivity, creativity and competiveness. Some people look for a beautiful place, we at ISC Projects make the place beautiful for the people who work with us.

ISC Projects attracts accomplished, Capable and Proficient youth. It does mean believing that we are making our corner of the world happier, brighter and safer in some small but significant way. ISC Projects offers a fantastic work environment, open , dynamic and always inspiring. Employee performance can only flourish in a healthy and respectable work environment.
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